Bane of the Dragon Cult

The Beginning

From Greenest to Baldur's Gate

For various reasons, some yet to explore, our band of heroes were traveling to Greenest on the Sword Coast. They all arrived just after the sun had set and found the village under attack. They all sprang into action to help.

They defended the village throughout the night and saved many lives. Running short missions around the town, they learned about the attackers and their intentions, and fought hard to protect the innocent. One mission was to sneak villagers out of a church that the cultists had set ablaze. Another was to stop an attack on the mill. At one point they fought from the top of the keep to ward off the attacking Blue Dragon that was helping the raid on the town.

They discovered that the raiders were led by The Cult of the Dragon, and their mission was to pillage the town of all things of value. Killing the innocent villagers was not their goal, but they certainly had no problem with doing so.

Eventually, a Half-Dragon challenged the annoying heroes to send out a champion to fight him in one-on-one combat, or he would slay some women and children he had hostage. Sora acted before anyone could argue, and she charged onto the battlefield to fight.

The duel was furious and tense as the two went head to head. Clearly the Half-Dragon, who called himself Langdedrosa Cyanwrath, outclassed the inexperienced druid. However, through cleverly timed shapeshifting, Sora was able to absorb an amazing amount of damage dealt by Cyanwrath and at the last moment she dealt the final blow that dropped him.

The dawn came and the raiders had gone. While the heroes bandaged their wounds, they discovered that a monk named Leosin (who some of the heroes knew) was in the village that night, and was captured by the raiders and taken away when they left.

The heroes gathered again and set off to rescue Leosin. They tracked the raiders back to their camp (map), about a days travel away, in the middle of a horseshoe-shaped valley. Carefully, they disguised themselves and mixed in with the raiders, taking advantage of the general chaos, as they reassembled after the raid.

At the back of the valley, against the bluffs, they found Leosin, and some of them got captured and imprisoned with him. Facing execution the next day, the heroes desperately worked out an escape and got Leosin back to Greenest.

Leosin, they learned, is a Harper and has been studying and tracking the efforts of this Cult of the Dragon. They are clearly up to no good, and have begun gathering treasure from raids all around the region. However, the reasons for gathering treasure from all around were not clear, nor did Leosin yet know where they would take the treasure, and what they planned to do with it all.

Leosin announced he would head north to Elturel to report to others and gather more support, and tasked the heroes with returning to the raider’s camp and see if they could learn any more of the Cultists plans. The healed, resupplied, and headed back to the camp. They were relieved, but worried, to find that the raiders and broken camp and left, taking the treasure with them.

However, there did seem to still be some activity at the back of the valley, where a cave mouth led into the side of the bluff. They explored the cave (map) and found some devout cultists had remained behind to monitor and protect some dragon eggs that were soon to hatch. The heroes explored the caves, killed the Dragonclaws and kobolds and cultists that remained behind and captured the dragon eggs.

Three major battles took place in the caves. One epic battle resulted in the heroes defeating the cult’s local leader and recovering her maps and plans that showed that the treasure caravan would route through Baldur’s Gate and on to Waterdeep. Another climactic fight allowed Sora and the others to rematch against Cyanwrath, who had recovered from his previous defeat. That was a satisfying win…again.

The final battle in the caves was against a strange creature none of the heroes had faced before. It was a creature that clung to the cave ceiling like a stalagtite and had incredibly long, fast tentacles. One of the party died in that fight and was lost. But the heroes did finally kill that abomination and capture the dragon eggs.

I believe after some debate about the evil nature of chromatic dragons, the eggs were destroyed so that they could not produce more vile dragons to terrorize the world.

The heroes then traveled back to Greenest to recover, and from there headed to Elturel to catch up to Leosin. Once in Elturel, they shared what they had learned and found, and a plan was hatched to have the PCs infiltrate the caravan at Baldur’s Gate, and find out where it is headed, if anywhere, when it gets to Waterdeep.


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