Population: 17,000
Government: Theocracy
Ruler: The High Observer of Torm
Religion: Torm

Elturel is the capitol city of Elturgard, a nation created after the Spellplague by clerics and paladins of Torm. It is situated atop a cliff, dominating the River Chionthar in the region of the Sword Coast of FAERÛN.

The city itself was split into two districts: the High District and the Dock District.

Points of Interest:

Amaunator’s Gift
A shining orb that hangs over the city and is visible anywhere in Elturgard. The light is painful to undead, preventing most from even coming inside of Elturgard.


High Hall
Formerly the castle where the city’s ruler lived before the Spellplague, now it serves as a keep for the followers of Torm.

Bent Helm
A tavern of poor quality.

A Pair of Black Antlers
The best known tavern in the city, and HQ for Ontharr Frume’s operations in the area.

Phontyr’s Unicorn
A famous and expensive place to stay.

Helm’s Shieldhall
A large fortress dedicated to Helm.

High Harvest Home
Temple to Chauntea.


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