Bane of the Dragon Cult

Down The Chionthar to Baldur's Gate

Naga make it without a fight!

Joined by a new party member named Kriv, a Dragonborn sorcerer, the party boards a boat and begins the 2 day trip to Baldur’s Gate. Near the end of the first day, the group sees a burnt out hull of a ship capsized on the beach of an island in the middle of of a mile-wide stretch of river. Sora transforms into a crocodile and swims close to investigate. She sees nothing of interest and turns to swim back but suddenly hears a terrified female scream. Quickly she goes back to let the others know. They all agree to stop at the island and see if they can help.


As they depart from their ship and wade onto the beach, two ogres appear and spring their trap. They each begin to pull in their nets, which encircle their ship (and them!), trapping all of them and forcing them all closer to the island.

Sora swims and crawls quickly toward the ogre on he left, and charges in a deadly attack. Ogres are might tough, and her first attack does little more than irritate it. The others start moving on the beach and are greeted by a nasty Spirit Naga emerging from the overgrowth. Immediately it tries to put Sora into a magical sleep, but Sora shakes it off easily.

Kriv joins with Faen in ranged attacks against the ogres.

Reed closes on the Naga, and attacks with minimal effect, but then backs off and uses his Ki magic to create a zone of silence around the Naga to prevent it from casting any more spells. The Naga moves out of the Zone, and then catches Reed, eye to eye, and dominates him with deep magic. Reed turns to Kriv and moves to attack him.

Faen and Sora finish off one of the ogres while Reed and Kriv battle it out a bit. Faen’s panther swims over and attacks Reed as well.

Sora, done with the ogre, transforms into a dire wold and bounds and leaps over to the Naga to attack and it hopefully break the spell on Reed. The Naga defends fiercely, and then wraps around her wolf attacker and then vanishes through a Dimension Door spell.

The others scare off the other ogre and save their ship from also capsizing. Worried that the Naga will return, and assuming the worst has happened to Sora, they quickly board the ship and start their retreat.

Meanwhile, Sora finds herself in a dark cave somewhere, menaced by the naga that demands she surrender all the treasures aboard the boat. Sora notices another captive, probably struggling with consciousness, if the sounds he was making was any sign. He was trapped a cage made of wood branches lashed together, probably of ogre make. He appeared to be wearing chain mail.

Sora bantered with naga every so briefly, and after it demanded the magic treasures on her own person, she got the idea to pull out her steel ball and employ it to squish the naga. She warmed it and tossed it up high. It expanded and dropped directly on the Naga that could not get out of the way fast enough. While not fatal, it did trap the Naga under its weight.

As quickly as she could, she broke open the cage and freed the man inside. He was barely aware, but she healed him quickly and he perked right up. This was a good thing because the steel ball returned to its marble size at that time, and the Naga turned to attack again.

The man shot out a magical bolt of energy that knocked the naga back far enough for Sora to grab the steel ball and escape. They both got out of the cave and ran for the beach. When they arrived with the Naga in close pursuit, they found their ship was gone. Once again, Sora dove into the water and shifted into a crocodile. The man, Jandyr, crawled on her back and they slithered out into the river. Soon they caught up to their ship and climbed aboard to tell their story to the others.

Luckily, no other dangers like that are encountered before they reach Baldur’s Gate. Once there, they dig around looking for connections or contacts and prepare to settle in and wait for the cultists to start showing up and forming the north-bound caravan.


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