Bane of the Dragon Cult

Elturel Meeting

The next mission and new associates join the ranks

Chased into the Elturgard by hungry undead, they found that a strange glowing sun above the city was responsible for saving their lives from the pursuing wight and ghouls. They later learned it was called Amaunator’s Gift, and it shines day and night, and has for the better part of a Century, protecting all of the Elturgard from undead.

Elturel, the city set on a cliff over the river Chionthar, proved to be an interesting site for the party. And here they met Ontharr Frume, a Paladin and local ranking member of the Order of the Gauntlet.

Others were there also, who formed up with the remaining 3 Heroes of Greenest, as they hatched a plot to infiltrate the caravan that would have the cultist wagons in it. Once in, they would travel with them and learn of the final destination.

Baldur’s Gate would be the idea place to insert themselves. First, they should all change their appearances as much as possible, to lessen the risks of being identified, then head to Baldur’s Gate as quickly as possible, and wait for the Cultist’s wagons to arrive. Due to how Baldur’s Gate works, the caravan from the south would dismbark at the southern gates, then have all the goods carried by laborers to the North Gate where new wagons and horses and supplies would be purchased and waiting for them. The new caravan would be loaded up and join with several other wagons headed North as well.

There is safety in numbers.

And there is more safety when those numbers include caravan guards. Frume has a contact in Baldur’s Gate that can help get your party hired as guards on the caravan.


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