Gael Darkblood

Eldritch Knight 4


A tall, imposing figure bathed in a red cloak and heavy chain-mail. A battered great-sword, chipped from countless battles strapped to his back. A bit of light shines off the metal of his hand crossbow. His shoulders sag as he leans into his seat. His face is illuminated by the candlelight; his face is weathered and matted with scars. The most prominent crossing over his right eye through the bridge of his nose to his left cheek. His eyes are light red like that of a fading sunset.

Personality Traits
I’m haunted by memories of war. I can’t get the violent images out of my mind.
I am always respectful and polite, unless someone close to me is threatened.

The greatest weapons we have against our foes is mercy and kindness.

I would do anything to ensure the safety and happiness of my niece, Ishara.

I blame myself for my brothers death, and feel unending sadness when I think my niece who will never know her father.


Gael Darkblood

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