Bane of the Dragon Cult

On the Road: Part 1

Mission: Probably not Impossible.

The party made their way to Blackgate and kept a keen eye out for cultists in the busiest part of the North part of town. Eventually, they spied a group of cultists escorting a palanquin carrying someone important and traveling through Baldur’s Gate under cover of curtains. Kriv caught a brief glimpse of someone within that looked to be dragonish of the Black variety. Perhaps a higher up of the Cult? The group stopped at Ackyn’s and bought 5 wagons. about a dozen remained behind with the wagons while the palanquin was taken north out the city ahead of the caravan.

The party applied to merchants int he caravan looking for guards and teamsters. Kriv and Reed were barely hired as guards. Faen was hired as a teamster on the lead wagon and in charge of the guards. Sora was hired as a personal bodyguard to one of the merchants. Reed and Kriv were hired as bodyguards for a wagon, and Jandyr hired on with another wagon merchant to supervise guards for two wagons.

On the second day, the caravan entered the Fields of the Dead. This had the effect of putting most of the caravan on edge. The next couple of days were uneventful. but the next day they came upon a single wagon ahead under siege by a small band of hobgoblins. It was a tough fight, but the heroes defeated the hobgoblins and rescued a noble and 3 guards that were trying to stay safe under the wagon. They asked to join the caravan to get the rest of the way to Daggerford, and formed up at the end of the caravan.

Another day later, and Faen spotted what initially was mistaken for circling hawks, but turned out to be a pair of hungry perytons. The tough creatures seems to shed normal attacks easily, but magical attacks wore them down and eventually defeated them.


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