The Cult of the Dragon

The_Cult_of_the_Dragon_1_.jpgThe Cult of the Dragon used to venerated dragons, evil dragons in particular, and specifically dead evil dragons. They reanimated the gargantuan corpses as powerful and fell dracoliches.
However, recently the cult has changed and is now actively following the Dragon Queen Tiamat and working with living dragons. In addition, they are working throughout the Sword Coast for the first time.


The cult is divided into cell groups, each led by a “Wearer of Purple”.

There are five leaders in the cult called Wyrmspeakers. Each one represents a different chromatic dragon.

Members Encountered so far:

Frulam Mondath High ranking cult member (DECEASED)
Langdedrosa Cyanwrath Half blue dragon warrior (DECEASED)

The Cult of the Dragon

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